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Indonesia Visa on Arrival costs USD35 per person and is payable at the immigration counter at the selected checkpoints within the country Indonesia Visa on Arrival is valid for 30 days and CAN BE EXTENDED for another 30 days. So in total, it allows a visitor to stay up to 60 days continuousl Below are the 169 countries that receive a 30 day Indonesia free visa upon arrival. The new law approving of these 79 countries was officially signed by President Joko Widowo (Jokowi) on 2 March 2016. The new law was then made public by the ministry of justice on 10 March 2016 and finally implemented on 21 March 2016

Visa in advance: Travel for more than 30 days or travel for non-tourism purposes, including business, employment and journalism, requires that the appropriate visa be obtained from an Indonesian embassy or consulate before arrival. If you are traveling on an emergency passport, you must obtain an visa before arrival in Indonesia Nationals of these 68 countries may apply for a Visa on Arrival for a length of stay of 30 days that can be extended once inside Indonesia for another 30 days at designated entry points by paying US$35 Nach 60 Tagen Aufenthalt in Indonesien ist eine weitere Verlängerung des Visa on Arrivals (VoA) innerhalb des Landes unter legalen Voraussetzungen ausgeschlossen. Du musst aus Indonesien ausreisen. Wenn du jedoch weiter in Indonesien bleiben möchtest, lies dir folgenden Abschnitt genauestens durch Apply for a visa. With the renewed visa application system, you can filter out the application form relevant for your travel purpose. After you have filled in the application form, download and print it. Together with all the required supporting documents, submit it in hard copy at the Embassy once you have made an appointment If you have selected the paid Visa on Arrival ($35 USD) when you entered Indonesia, you can extend it one time, for an additional 30 days. You will need to start extending your visa 7 working days prior to the expiration date, which involves going to the immigration office in person

Indonesian Passport. The citizens of Indonesia can visit 35 countries without a visa . Indonesian passport holders also have access to get 31 e-visas or 20 visas on arrival.Indonesia has a population of 258.7M people and the capital is Jakarta Indonesia's Foreign Affairs Ministry announced on Thursday that as of March 20, foreigners planning to visit Indonesia must resubmit their visa application along with a health certificate. This is according to a new visa policy that will be active for the next month, issued to prevent further escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic inside the country Um ein Visum für Indonesien zu bekommen gibt es 4 Möglichkeiten: 1. Touristenvisum Visa on arrival für 30 Tage (kostenlos, nicht verlängerbar) 2. Touristenvisum Visa on arrival für 30 (35 USD, verlängerbar um 30 Tage) 3.Touristenvisum Visum für 60 Tage 4. Social Visu

You are eligible to apply for an Indonesia visa on arrival valid for 30 days upon arrival with the costs of INR 1,745/-. The Indonesia visa on arrival for Indians can be extended only once for another 30 days. Please note that immigration officials calculate the 30-day period from your arrival date in the country. Thus, you must leave the country on the 30th day or the 60th day, if you decide. Visa requirements for Indonesian citizens are administrative entry restrictions imposed on citizens of Indonesia by the authorities of other states. As of January 2020, Indonesian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 71 countries and territories, ranking the Indonesian passport 73rd in terms of travel freedom (tied with Tanzania and Zambia) according to the Henley Passport Index Eines ist sicher. Wenn ihr ein Visum beantragt, muss ein Ausreiseticket aus Indonesien vorgelegt werden. Wie die neue Regelung der Visafreiheit bis 30 Tage umgesetzt wird, weiß ich nicht. Möglicherweise werdet ihr beim Hinflug ein blaues Wunder erleben, nämlich dass euch die Airline ohne Ausreiseticket gar nicht mitnimmt. Schau mal auf die.

Indonesia Visa Fee. If you qualify for the visa exemption, your visa fee is $0. However, if you wish to extend your visa and stay longer than 30 days, you'll need to pay for the Visa on Arrival which is $35 USD per person.. You must pay for your Indonesia Visa in cash, not card.The country of Indonesia accepts currencies from 15 different countries - the US, UK and EU being the most. The Foreign Ministry said that all foreigners or travelers who wish to visit Indonesia must obtain a visa from Indonesian missions in accordance with the purpose of their visit and that upon.. EXTENSION FOR VISA ON ARRIVAL. Visa on arrival may be extended for 1 (one) time for a period of 30 (thirty) days when you are already in Indonesia. Please be informed that the extension can only be granted by the Head of the Immigration Office whose jurisdiction covers the residence/place of stay of the applicants. Please notice: If you overstay your visa then the official penalty is Rp. This visa can be obtained directly when you arrive at certain airports and seaports in Indonesia, regardless of the purpose of your visit (Business, Tourist, Social-Cultural). Visa on Arrival can not be extended or converted into another immigration permit. The maximum stay permitted is thirty (30) days and could be extended (one time) for a maximum thirty (30) days The general requirements. Extending Indonesian Visa on Arrival in Bali How to Extend Indonesian Visa on Arrival. You can extend your visa either at an immigration office or with a help of a travel agency. The latter is more expensive but hassle free. Even though I was tempted to go the easy way - go to a tourist office, pay the fee and get my visa extension faster, I.

Visa on Arrival. Based on Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number 26, 2013, a citizen from 61 countries and 1 region are eligible for obtaining Visa on Arrival or in other words VOA. It has been the main visa, most tourists have used in the last decades to enter Indonesia Deutsche Staatsbürger sowie Bürger aus den unten aufgelisteten Staaten können ein Visum bei Ankunft/Visa on Arrival (VOA) an den bestimmten indonesischen Flug- und Seehäfen beantragen.. Visum bei der Ankunft erlaubt eine maximale Aufenthaltsdauer von 30 Tagen, diese ist verlängerbar bis weitere 30 Tage According to Indonesia Government Regulation No. 28/2019 signed on April 18, 2019, effective May 3, 2019, The Visa on Arrival fee will be collected using IDR currency instead of USD Bali has suspended its visa on arrival and visa exemption program. The Indonesian Government has announced strict new measures to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus (co-vid-19). All foreigners/travelers who wish to visit Indonesia must obtain a visa from Indonesian missions in accordance with the purpose of their visit

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Visa to Visit Indonesia, Visa on Arrival, Visa Free. And started per 28 May 2007, Indonesia will be added its Visa on Arrival (VOA) favors to more 11 countries joined with previous 52 other favored countries according to the Directorate General of Immigration recent released paper. The 11 countries are Algeria, the Czech Republic, Fiji, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Panama, Romania, Slovakia. The Indonesia visa on arrival can be extended once by another 30 days. The Indonesia visa fee can be paid in cash or credit card. If you pay with cash you can use US Dollars or any other major currency. You will find a piece of paper at the VOA payment counter with the current price in your currency. 4. Extend your Indonesia Visa . There are some options to extend your 30 day tourist visa.

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  1. Indonesia passport holders can visit 38 countries visa free. Indonesia citizens can have visa on arrival for 31 countries and can get e-visa for 22 countries. These countries include East Timor, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. They need to get a prior visa for 123 countries
  2. Wenn du gerne länger in Indonesien bleiben möchtest, gibt es zwei Optionen für dich: Das Visum on Arrival oder ein Visa Run. Visum für Bali - Infos Bali Visum on Arrival. Wenn du länger als 30 Tage in Bali bleiben willst, lohnt sich ein Bali Visum on Arrival. Hierfür musst du in der Ankunftshalle des Flughafens in Bali vor der.
  3. Indonesia Visa Free vs Visa on Arrival. Since I wanted a chance to explore this culturally, biologically and ethnically diverse archipelago made up of 17,000 islands and stretches 5,120 kilometers (just saying there's a lot to see!) AND also visit family, I was left with two options: paying for a visa on arrival (VOA) or doing a visa run because you cannot extend the length of your stay.
  4. yak and Denpasar Immigration Office (x3) Therefore the total for our family.
  5. Visa on arrival Indonesia. Although, note that visitors who overstay a visa in Indonesia will face a daily fine of IDR 1,000,000 (~USD 70), as per the Government Regulation No. 28 the Year 2019. The amount of the fine was recently adjusted from the previous IDR 300,000 (approx. USD 23). If your visa is expiring soon, make sure to also go through our blog post about the increased overstay.
  6. Visa on Arrival Indonesia Arrivals. For most nationalities and you can get a visa on arrival in Indonesia. There are 168 countries whose citizens are granted the 30-day visa-free facility on arrival: this is a non-extendable visa. For 61 countries (including EU countries, USA and Australia) you can pay $35 on arrival (cash only) for visa on arrival - this is extendable one time only for an.
  7. The Indonesian government has suspended all visa-free and visa-on-arrival arrangements for one month, starting from Friday, March 20, to prevent further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). All visitors must obtain a visa from Indonesia's overseas missions in accordance with the purpose of their visit to the country. Applicants are also required to provide a health certificate issued by the.

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  1. Visa on Arrival is granted for a period of 30 days, under the condition: Visa can be extended up to 30 days. Cannot be converted into other immigration clearance. Visa on Arrival is given in the form of sticker/stamp on a valid travel document or passport. Here are the Indonesian International Airports that serve Visa on Arrival: Soekarno-Hatta.
  2. What type of Indonesian visa you require depends on the nature of your trip. If you are going for a quick holiday break, then a Visa On Arrival (VOA) is the one for you, whereas if you are planning on studying, have a work-related business trip or want to relocate permanently, you will need to plan your visa before booking your plane ticket
  3. VoA - Visa on Arrival in Indonesia. A VoA is a visa that is for citizens of specific countries upon their arrival in Indonesia. A visitor must meet a specific set of criteria to receive a visa on arrival: country of origin, time frame, specific reason for entering the country, and length of time for which you have held your passport
  4. Khusus tahun 2020, pemilik paspor Indonesia dapat akses bebas visa dan visa on arrival ke 71 negara di dunia. Jumlah tersebut mengalami kenaikan di mana tahun 2019 hanya ke 70 negara. Baca juga: Catat, Daftar 27 Kantor Imigrasi Penerbit E-Paspor. Perlu dicatat, akses bebas visa dan visa on arrival memiliki perbedaan. Untuk bebas visa, pemegang.
  5. Visa On Arrival Extension Form. Fill in the form below, after you receive the notification, please come to our office to submit your passport. this process will need your original passport to submit the extension at the local immigration office. Arrival Date * Departure Date. Full Name * Address In Bali * Address In Original Country * Phone No. (Whatsapp,Telegram) * Email * Extension Service.
  6. Indonesia Visa on Arrival or Visa-Free? - Foreigners who are planning to visit Indonesia and confused about which kind of vsa should they choose between Visa on Arrival or Visa-Free, here we tell you about what is the difference between those kinds of visa. 1. Visa-Free Indonesia. Usually, tourists use Visa-Free if they visit Indonesia because they are planning to only stay for 30 days maximum
  7. FAQs on Indonesia Visa on Arrival. What is the cost that Indian nationals need to pay for availing Indonesian visa on arrival? Indian nationals are required to pay a fee of 35 US dollars or Rs.2, 517 in order to avail the Indonesian visa on arrival. Can I enter Indonesia through any of the seaports by availing Visa on Arrival

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Visum on Arrival. Momentan können die Visa für Indonesien nur dann in der Botschaft beantragt werden, wenn der Aufenthalt 30 Tage überschreitet. Visa für einen Aufenthalt von unter 30 Tagen werden nur noch bei Einreise am Flughafen erteilt (Mit einem vorläufigen Reisenpass nicht möglich!) JAKARTA - Indonesia will suspend its visa-free and visa-on-arrival arrangements for one month, starting Friday (March 20), as part of its attempts to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the world. Other than those who are eligible for a visa on arrival or visa free entry, all travelers to Indonesia will need a valid visa to visit the country. Use the handy 'Quick Enquiry' form on this page to get immediate assistance with your entire visa and travel requirements to Indonesia. A dedicated visa consultant will thoroughly review your visa request and respond with the most suitable visa. For General Information : bern.kbri@kemlu.go.id; Visa/Passport/Consular: konsuler.bern@kemlu.go.id (Tel:+41 31 352 0984) +41 31 352 0984 Hak Cipta @ 2018 Kementerian Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia

Voraussetzungen für Visa-on-Arrival: Gültiger Reisepass der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Passgültigkeit: bei Ausreise mindestens 6 Monate ; Nachweis der Rück- oder Weiterreiserickets mit bestätigter Flugbuchung. Für Geschäftsreisende: Einladung aus Indonesien in Kopie; Gebühren für das Visa-on-Arrival: 7 (sieben)-tägiger Aufenthalt: USD 10,00: 30 (dreißig)-tägiger Aufenthalt: USD 25 Indonesia Visa on Arrival. Citizens from 68 countries listed below may apply for a Visa on Arrival for a length of stay of 30 days at designated entry points by paying US$35. Such visa may be extended once for another 30 days

Tourist Visa can be obtained on arrival for a max. stay up to 30 days. Embassy has stopped issuing tourist visa. Unfortunately, at this time VisaHQ does not provide service for tourist visas to Indonesia. Additional steps you may take: Check the current validity of your passport and the availability of blank visa pages; Contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Indonesia Take advantage of. Visa requirements for Croatian citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Croatia. As of 7 July 2020, Croatian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 171 countries and territories, ranking the Croatian passport 18th in the world (tied with Bulgaria), according to the Henley Passport Index In accordance with the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Right of the Republic of Indonesia Number 26, 2013, citizen from 61 countries and 1 region are eligible for obtaining Visa on Arrival (VOA). This visa can be obtained directly when you are landed at the certain airports and seaport in Indonesia regardless of the purpose of your visits (Business, Tourist, Social) Upon arrival at Indonesian airport or seaport (or another official gateway in Indonesia), a 30-day VISA-ON-ARRIVAL (VoA) is available to many countries (see the list below). Then, simply follow the signs to the VISA DESK, where your 30-Day VISA-ON-ARRIVAL will be issued. At the VISA DESK, you will be asked: A PASSPORT; The Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from your date of. The holders of passports of 64 countries and 1 region who are visiting Indonesia for certain purposes may apply for visa on arrival (VoA) at certain immigration checkpoints in Indonesia. Visa on Arrival allows you to stay in Indonesia for up to 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days at the nearest immigration office in Indonesia

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  1. Indonesia Visa On Arrival Eligible Countries. Nationals of 62 countries can choose to pay for a 30 day Visa On Arrival. This 30 day Indonesian VOA costs USD 35 per passenger (infants included) and is valid for 30 days. The advantage of having a 30 day visa on arrival is that this VOA is extendable by another 30 days. If you wish to extend your 30 day Indonesian Visa On Arrival you need.
  2. Indonesian visa on arrival (VOA) Home — Visa to Indonesia — Indonesian visa on arrival (VOA) Passport holders of the following countries visiting Indonesia for the purpose of tourism, business, social, cultural, government or official visits are allowed to obtain an Indonesian visa on arrival and to stay in Indonesia for up to 30 days and can extend for 1 time for 30 days
  3. individuals visiting on Visa-Free Visits and Visa on Arrival Visits Diplomatic or Service Visa issued by an Indonesian Representative or a Diplomatic Stay Permit or Service Stay Permit issued by an Indonesian Representative. Also exempted from the suspension are medical, food and humanitarian aid support workers; crew members for means of transport; and foreign nationals entering Indonesia.

The visa enables up to 60 days of stay with each arrival. The key benefit is that you can use the same visa unlimited times to arrive to the country. You do not have to extend the business visa in the immigration as you would for visa on arrival or the social visa. Business Visa Sponsorship. All business visas must be sponsored by a legal. The Visa-on-Arrival may be extended for a maximum of 30 days by applying at the immigration office in Indonesia. Indonesia requires two blank passport pages. Travelers without two blank visa pages in their passport may be denied entry and advised to obtain a new U.S. passport. As of January 1, 2016, the State Department no longer issues additional visa pages to valid passports. Visitors may be. Indonesia visa on arrival requirements are simple. Carry your passport — that should be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your return from Indonesia. Return Ticket from Indonesia — If you have a confirmed ticket, that's good. If you don't have a confirmed ticket, you can show the print out of the itinerary as well. I carried the print out of my itinerary, but the officers.

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Visa on arrival fees: A visa on arrival is issued for a stay of up to 30 days, the cost is USD35, but can be paid in all major currencies. In general, the VOA is extendable once for an additional 30 days. This can be done in an immigration office inside Indonesia for an officially published fee of IDR250,000, it is recommended to do this ten days prior the visa expiration date. No other. These are the requirements for Indonesia tourist VISA on Arrival (VOA) explained in 6 Quick and easy steps. Follow this easy guide and you can stay up to 60. The Turkey visa on arrival is available to citizens of certain countries only. In order to get a visa on arrival, the traveler has to meet certain conditions. To get this type of tourist visa, eligible travelers must stand in line and pay the visa fee. with cash.. However, travelers should note that we cannot guarantee that these conditions won't change in the future Getting a Thai visa on arrival online is as simple as making sure the traveler complies with the above requirements, filling out the online application, and receiving the pre-approved Thailand's e-VOA via email. Travelers can apply online for their eVisa On Arrival for Thailand with very short-notice. E-VOA can be filed with as little as 24 hours' notice, but the recommendation is to allow. Malaysia visa on arrival has been introduced for Indian passport holders (VOA) from October 10th 2015. From the announcement of visa on arrival, there has been a steady growth in the number of tourists to Malaysia.. But before getting an visa on arrival , you should know the below things or else you will be stuck at the entries of Malaysia

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Visa On Arrival: It may be possible to obtain a Tourist visa upon arrival at major air and seaports, for stays of up to 30 days, against payment of approximately USD 35.00. There is no guaranteed entry will be allowed, please check with your airline that boarding will be permitted without a visa Indonesia has suspended visa on arrival for all visitors including Australians. To apply for a visa you'll need a health certificate, including a negative COVID-19 test result issued within the 7 days prior to departure. C ontact your nearest embassy or consulate of Indonesia for details Indonesian Government the Free Indonesia Visa on Arrival policy to boost tourism sector in Indonesia and to improve relationship with those countries. On 1st of October 2015 Australia had been expected to be added to this list. But as it turned out, this plan has been postponed once again. Here is the latest news update on this issue on SulawesiTourToraja.com. Visiting Indonesia Without Any. Indonesia - Visa And Stay Permits In The New Normal. Legal News & Analysis - Asia Pacific - Indonesia - Labour & Employment - Regulatory & Compliance . 13 October 2020 . On 1 October 2020, the Minister of Law and Human Rights (MOLHR) issued Regulation No. 26 of 2020 on Visa and Stay Permits During the New Normal Adaptation (Regulation 26). This new regulation revoked MOLHR Regulation No. 11 of. Indonesia Crew Visa is a registered and as an approved processing visa agent to Indonesian Immigration Head Office which enables us to process PAVA within the same working day (2-hours processing). To apply for PAVA, we would need the followings: On-Joiners / Embark Crew Member Detail (Scanned Passport, Scanned Seamen Book

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Visa for Indonesia - Visa on arrival. Indonesia offers several countries the possibility to obtain a free visa when entering the country. This visa is for only one entry and is valid for 30 days without the possibility of a further extension. Wanting to stay for only 28 days in this country, so it was perfect for us. We did not pay anything for the visa, and the whole visa process lasted for. However, there are also some countries that allow Indonesians to enter using visa on arrival (VoA), which is less troublesome, as it can be obtained after the travelers arrive at the destination

In accordance with Regulation No. 11/2020 issued by the Minister of Law and Human Rights, the latest visa updates are as follows: 1. Foreigners who are currently in Indonesia on a tourist visa, visa on arrival, business visa or social visa You do not need to take any action Touristen genießen in Indonesien einen relativ einfachen Ablauf, das sogenannte Visa on Arrival (Touristenvisum) lässt sich nämlich leicht beantragen. Der Antrag wird noch im Flugzeug ausgeteilt und so bleibt ausreichend Zeit zum Ausfüllen. Bei der Einreise folgen Sie den Schildern mit der Aufschrift Visa on Arrival

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Indonesia Visa Rules - There are several types of Indonesia visas such as Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Multiple-entry Visa (for business trips only) and Transit Visa. All travelers to Indonesia must possess passports, valid for at least six months after arrival, and proof of onward passage out of the country Visa on Arrival: Indians do not need to apply for an Indonesia visa abroad. You can just purchase the visa at the arrival hall once you've landed in Indonesia. With this visa, you can stay for more than 30 days but only up to 60 days from the date of arrival. This visa is valid for 30 days and can be extended once for another 30 days

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Visa on Arrival - Indonesien ANZEIGE. Hallo, falls es jemanden interessiert bzw. noch nicht bekannt. Es gibt bei Einreise nach Indonesien jetzt keine Aufkleber mehr in den Pass, sondern nur noch einen Stempel. In CKG war neben der Kasse für das Visa on Arrival sonst direkt ein Büdchen in dem das Visum ausgedruckt und in den Pass geklebt wurde. Hatte mich schon gewundert, dass dieser Schalter. BEISPIEL für die Anforderungen an touristische Reisen für ein Indonesien Visum für österreichische Staatsangehörige (für die aktuell gültigen Bestimmungen nutzen Sie bitte die Abfragefunktion) Visum möglicherweise nicht erforderlich. Visumfrei für einen Aufenthalt von bis zu 30 Tagen. Der Reisende: Muss im Besitz eines Reisepasses mit einer Gültigkeit von mindestens sechs Monaten ab.

Tourist visas for Indonesia. Expats visiting Indonesia for tourism purposes will need a tourist visa which is valid for 30 days. Nationals of many countries will be able to obtain this visa at the airport on arrival in Indonesia. In order to be granted a visa on arrival, visitors must produce an onward or return plane ticket. Visitors must also. How to get Visa On Arrival at Soekarno Hatta International Airport Thanks for watching this video, How to get Visa On Arrival at Soekarno Hatta International Airport! Like, comment, and subscribe. The Indonesian Government offers free visas to nationals of more than 160 countries. While getting into Indonesia is easy if you are from the selected countries for a free visa, you may want to consider Bali visa on arrival if you're planning to stay in the country for more than a month Foreigners who are planning to visit Indonesia and confused about which kind of vsa should they choose between Visa on Arrival or Visa-Free, here we tell you about what is the difference between those kinds of visa.. 1. Visa-Free Indonesia. Usually, tourists use Visa-Free if they visit Indonesia because they are planning to only stay for 30 days maximum Please be advised that Visa On Arrival may only be extended upon approval from the Director General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia in case of natural disaster, illness or accident, but cannot be transferred to another type of visa. Overstay visitors incur to pay a penalty of US$20.- per day/person (for under 60 days stay) whilst over 60 days stay will be a 5 (five) year prison.

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Types of Indonesian Visa. Foreigners are required to have a valid visa to enter Indonesia for a stay of more than 30 days. Refer to the following links to get more information. Visit Visa Tourist Visit Visa; Social Cultural Visa; Business Visa; Limited Stay Visa; Free Visit Entry Stamp; Visa on Arrival; Diplomatic & Service Visa; Other Information There are a few exemptions for foreigners that. Indonesien bietet zwei Antragswege für Visa an. Zum einen besteht für alle Reisenden die Möglichkeit, ein Visum vor Abreise bei einer zuständigen konsularischen Auslandsvertretung von Indonesien zu beantragen. Darüber hinaus gibt es für Touristen und Geschäftsreisende aus der Europäischen Union und weiteren Ländern die Option, ein Visum bei Ankunft (Visa on Arrival) zu erhalten. Indonesia visa on my passport. Indonesia Visa Requirements For Pakistan. Now the tricky part for Indonesia visa is the requirements which is very strange for some reasons. first of all, when you go to the consulate for submitting your application, the lady at the counter isn't professional Extendable Visa on Arrival (VOA). If you are going to stay in Bali between 30 and 60 days will be better to buy a Visa on Arrival. This visa is valid for 30 days and can be extended once in the Immigration office for another 30 days. So it let the holder stay in Indonesia for maximum 60 days This visa can be obtained directly when you are landed at the certain airports and seaport in Indonesia regardless of the purpose of your visits (Business, Tourist, Social). Both Free Visa and Visa on Arrival is not a working visa nor a visitation visa. Therefore, it can not be converted to obtain other immigration permits

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Expedited Indonesia Visa Expedited Nigeria Visa Expedited Russia Visa While a visa on arrival may sound like an easier way to get a visa than going through the potential hassles of securing one in advance, VOAs come with their own batch of potential hassles of which you should be aware. Caveats for Visas on Arrival . Not every country offers them. VOAs are only offered in select countries. Indonesien hat Anfang Juli die Gebühren für das Visa on arrival und auch für die 30-Tage-Verlängerung um jeweils 10 USD auf 35 USD erhöht For counting purposes, your day of arrival and day of departure each count as a full day toward your total. There is a fine of 1 million IDR ($70 USD) per day for overstaying your visa in Indonesia. Countries not included in any of the lists above will need to apply for a visa before visiting Bali or other parts of Indonesia. Happy travels Visa on arrival VOA. This type of visa can be obtained in 20 international airports of Indonesia (including Bali and Lombok airports), as well as in 23 sea ports in Indonesia. Visa fee - 35 USD Validity of visa - 30 days. It can be extended in the Immigration office once for 30 days, i.e. maximal duration of stay with this visa is 60 days. Visa on arrival VOA is issued to citizens of 68. Visa on Arrival - This visa is granted to individuals from certain nations with whom Indonesia shares friendly relations. It is valid for a period of one month, with extension permitted under certain conditions. Diplomatic/Service Visa - These visas are only granted to individuals who have a Diplomatic/Service Passport

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